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What is Cinema Campus?
Cinema Campus is a student association for students at Linneaus University which screen movies at Sundays, from 19:00 in Myrdal (K-Building) unless otherwise stated

PLEASE NOTE: this is not the same as VIS' Movie Mondays.

How do I become a member?
The easiest and only way is to show up before a screening with cash and sign you up.

What does it cost?
Only 20 SEK for the whole semester! You will get a membership card on which you sign your name and you have to take it with you every time. If you lose the card, you will get another one from us.

We do this because of the laws of copyright.

How early must I be there?
We open the doors about thirty-fifteen minutes before and close them a couple of minutes past 19:00.

The number of people coming to each screening varies a lot, depending on what movie it is etc. However, we can guarantee that there's always a seat for you.

For the Sundays screenings (and whenever you want to get into the school buildings on the weekends/in the evenings) you'll need an entrance card to get past the head entrance doors. This is easy to fix at the info desk in the H-Building.

Can I bring snacks with me?
You can bring all sorts of food with you (well, in consideration of the other people who is going to be there of course, so nothing too interfering perhaps) as long as you do not litter or leave it behind you.

That's one of the rules we have for every screening. The other one is:
2. keep your cellphone silent, or ideally turned off.

There are also vending machines in the nearby and microwaves!

Will the movies have subtitles?
Our aim is that every movies have subtitles in English. However, movies without subtitles at all (although screened in English) can occur.

Where can I find you?
If you want to contact us, to ask more questions or leave suggestions for future screenings, you have a few options. You can either 1) send us an e-mail at cinemacampus@gmail.com, 2) leave a message on our Facebook page or 3) leave a comment down below! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Jens and Jessica

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